If you need a refund for one of our products, please send us a support ticket by clicking the link on the top right:

In your ticket, please provide the following information:

  1. The product name
  2. The paypal account email address you used to purchase
  3. The transaction ID from JVZoo/p[aypal. it begins with: AP-
  4. A reason for your refund request

Do not, under any circumstances, file a paypal dispute as your first step in requesting a refund. This will CANCEL any "30 day refund" terms in our offer and refunds will NOT be given via paypal disputes.

This is because a paypal dispute is a last resort, and is meant for when a seller does not agree to give you a refund. We usually offer 30 day refund offers on our products, but you have to contact us via support in order for us to know you want a refund. Paypal disputes adversely effect our account so theya re not an acceptable channel to request a refund.